Universal App Campaigns

A bit about Universal App Campaigns

Unlike traditional SEO and Google PPC campaigns, Universal App Campaigns utilize machine-learning to analyse in real-time, hundreds of millions of signals to put your app in front of the best possible users. Although you have much less control with UAC, you need to know what you are doing, as even slight errors can be costly!

Did you know, for example, that when you are optimising for install volume, Google recommends setting a campaign budget 50 times greater than your target CPI? Or why you might want to optimise for install volume at all, as it’s the in-app conversions tat ultimately earn you the money?

If you are looking for users who are more likely to complete conversion, such as make in-app purchases, you will want in-app actions as your campaign goal – it is important to properly set up conversion events so that you can track these actions and so that Google’s algorithm may optimize for your unique conversion goals. Did you know that Google recommends choosing an action that occurs at least 10 times per day? Or that it suggests a campaign budget of at least 10 times your target CPI?

It may seem a simple enough task to set up a Universal App Campaign for your own app, but, if you’ve come as far as having a great, useful app, enlisting the help of a digital marketing agency such as ourselves who have the experience and know-how it takes to make sure your app is a success is a wise move.

If you’ve blown your budget on production alone and intend to try and market your mobile app yourself, and you’re not seeing immediate results, remember that machine learning requires data in order to optimise for performance goals. In other words, make sure you allow Google time to run before making changes - at least 100 conversions is suggested.


according to Google, Universal App Campaigns can help drive 140% more conversions per £ spend than other Google app promotion products


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