Apple Search Ads

Grow Your Business With ASA

Apple Search Ads allows app owners to advertise their iOS app directly to individuals actively searching for an app. And, that’s not just to a few users; according to Apple, about 65% of iOS app downloads occur directly after a search within the App Store.
Arrive Digital’s bidding tool uses the Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API to create and manage campaigns, populate these with keywords and optimise the keyword bids. Using scoring algorithms, bids are programmatically adjusted with the aim of generating the maximum number of downloads for your Monthly Budget, capped by Cost Per Download goals.
• Keyword expansion tool
• Automated campaign bidding with hourly bid changes.
• Multiple Cost per Download strategies in one account.
• Bespoke bid modifiers
• Integrate Appflyer and third party attribution tools.
• Protect your brand with brand bidding reporting integration.

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